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For The Love Of...

The journey of life is a complex one. Throughout it, we find ourselves assailed on all sides by forces both in and outside our control. Learning to navigate these complexities and barriers is not an easy task, but it is a manageable one. Marcus shares his stories to help you construct your own toolkit for surviving in today’s world, so that you might meet with success, happiness, and completeness.


Living the journey of life with intention, love, passion, and happiness!


For the Love Of… is a collection of essays that contain personal advice from Marcus Johnson, an accomplished musician and entrepreneur. Marcus has managed to stay afloat in cutthroat industries, ultimately achieving success despite venturing into the saturated markets of live and recorded music, and wine and spirits. Along the way, he encountered many obstacles and faced numerous pitfalls that almost cost him his sense of self. Forging ahead, against the grain, Marcus found his rhythm, his “flo,” and began to find joy even in the midst of working his way around countless roadblocks on his journey to success. Shared in these pages are lessons that Marcus learned along the way that helped him cope as he rode out the highs and lows of making his dreams a reality. He has provided practical strategies and techniques that will inspire you to discover your purpose, pursue your passion, and stay the course in spite of perceived challenges.  For the Love Of… will inspire, motivate, and empower you to figure life out regardless of your circumstances. 

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What People Are Saying

Marcus’s unique perspective as both a creative and an entrepreneur allows his message to resonate with so many people from artists to academics to executives. There is something for everyone in this book. I encourage you to come back to it again and again.
— Sheila Johnson, Co-Founder of BET
Marcus has given us permission in this book; permission to be thankful and grateful; permission to honor ourselves and practice self care; permission to be vulnerable and to look at the person in the mirror and permission to be honest with ourselves and the people we love.
— Sukari Bowman
This book is a testimony wrought with emotion and priceless teaching moments.
— George Lambert, President and CEO of the Greater Washington Urban League
If you’re looking for a book (life manual) that will enhance the direction of your life along with concrete references of the truth in its advice, this is the book for you!
— Shayna Qualls, Wings of Courage Ministry

About the Author

Marcus Johnson is an award-winning, Billboard chart-topping, NAACP Image Award-nominated jazz pianist, entrepreneur, and self-empowerment activist. Marcus earned his stripes as an entrepreneur in the music and wine industries after finishing his JD/MBA at the Georgetown University Law Center. He believes that investing in the community and in ones self is the best way to solve the problems and questions facing humanity: Why are we here? The answers: To Dream! To Plan! To Execute! To Listen and Learn! These are the core points of his cycle of success. When Marcus is not dreaming, planning, doing, and reflecting, he speaks publicly on a range of topics, hosts a radio show, and regularly performs his original music on stages both domestic and abroad. Marcus resides in the Washington, D.C. area and is a proud father to his daughter Chase.